a furious, inflamed, fire-crotch

While i was thinking about what to post on my blog, my sister helped me with a theme. the last thing i want is to post things i find online (like the last post) and become another boring blog that redirects you away from my site. if someone was to actually follow and read my posts, i want something to keep you engaged and actually find interesting, funny, or thought provoking. i don’t want to waste the readers’ and especially my time.

Thus, i have decided to devote this blog to my random rants. i will become a furious, inflamed, fire-crotch that will do what comes easiest to me: complain, whine, and criticize. this fury will not be directed at anything in particular, each post will be directed at something new that especially irks me (such as twitter). nevertheless, the posts will not (all) be boring and depressing neither. instead i strive to provoke a problem or cause humor.

I will post soon when something especially irritates me.

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~ by Stephen Mucci on July 20, 2009.

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